My novel ‘The Mischief’ is about..


…a gang of homeless teenagers living in secret disused military bunkers underneath Sydney.  Their world is funded by crime and manufacturing Amp – the city’s most popular party drug. Led by the tiny, enigmatic Sis and her twin Maori foster brothers, they are worshipped and feared. They travel through tunnels up onto the Sydney streets they rule.

Jade, a Melbourne runaway goes underground looking for a friend and discovers their bunker. Initially imprisoned, she gradually becomes part of their underground life.  Jade begins documenting their curious world with her video camera and looses interest in ever going home. But when she meets Lochy, ‘gardener’ of the underground grow rooms she discovers The Mischief holds a darker secret than itself.

Astrid, a youth worker obsessed with the missing teenagers has joined Jade’s dad to search for the tunnels.  They delve into the labyrinth under Sydney, leaving their lives behind on the surface, searching for an answer that doesn’t want to be found.


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